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Foil Oops Bags

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Murdock's Mistakes Oops Bundles are sticker sheets that didn't quite make the cut! Each bundle contains 14+ Foil Sheets. The bundles are totally random and we cannot guarantee you will not receive duplicate sheets, especially if you order multiple bundles.

The following reasons are examples of why a sticker sheet didn't make the cut and could be found in an oops bundle:

  • Slightly Off Cut (still completely useable)
  • Sticky residue due to cutting mats
  • Missing 1-2 stickers
  • Black dots/streaks on a stickers
  • A few sticker's did not get cut on a sheet, the rest are 100% perfect!
  • Silhouette cut through page
  • Foil did not adhere properly

On average over 80% of the oops sheet is perfect/completely useable!

Please be aware that these stickers are less than perfect, and that no refunds will be issued if you are not satisfied!



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