A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail | December 2015

My Happy Mail subscription was the best thing I ever purchased in 2015! Happy Mail is a monthly stationary subscription service that was launched a year ago by sisters Elsie and Emma, the masterminds behind the blog and brand A Beautiful Mess. Each month Happy Mail subscribers receive $50+ dollars worth of stationary for only $15 a month! If you have commitment issues and want to subscribe for 6 months, or on a monthly basis you can do that too, but the price is adjusted accordingly. If you are located in the United States shipping is included in the cost, but they will ship Happy Mail worldwide for just an additional $2.00! 

I received my December Happy Mail package while I was home for the holidays and I only picked it up from my PO Box on January 2nd. It's a SUPER cute one, so I thought I would share it anyways. If your interested, you can check out all of my other Happy Mail reviews HERE! December's Happy Mail package contained 8 cards, 1 post card, 8 standard envelopes, 1 art print, 2 sheets of stickers, and 3 watercolour gift tags.

5 of the 8 cards in this month's Happy Mail are flat cards, but I accidentally received a duplicate of one! I received 2 cards with cute NYC taxis on the front that says, "Let's Take a Trip Together" on the back. There is a long skinny card with paint brushes on the front that has "Reason's Why You are Awesome" on the back with 4 lines for you to write on. The next flat card has 2 honey jars in the shape of bears on the front and says, "You're the Sweetest" on the back. There is also a "Go You" card that is blank on the front. My FAVOURITE card this month is the one that references Taylor Swift (SHAKE. IT. OFF.) and is a pink milk shake that says "it off" on the front and "Sorry you had a bad week" on the back. This one is 100% being hung up in a frame as a print, instead of a card. 

The post card this month was of the solar system with the planets in gold foil. The back says "Greetings From Another Planet" - too cute!

The 3 folded cards this month were a blank card with "Happy Birthday" on the front, a GORGEOUS "Thank You" card that I will have a hard time parting ways with, and a card with beets on the front that says "Nothing Beets Being Your Friend" on the inside - I seriously love Elsie & Emma's puns!

The print this month was gold foiled with scalloped edges that says "This Is My Year" on the front and has lines on the back to write your 2016 Resolutions on - If you are a regular reader of Murdock Talks you probably saw this featured in my 2016 Goals post that was published yesterday. The extras this month were 2 sticker sheets - one with small washi like strips to seal envelopes and one of tabs for a planner, as well as 3 water colour gift tags that are beautiful!

I LOVE December’s Happy Mail. They are super creative, are an excellent quality, and you just can't beat the price! It comes down to around $1.50/card (even after the horrendous US to CAD exchange rate) + the stickers and prints are an extra bonus! These ABM cards definitely give you a run for your money, as you'll never find cards as cute as these at the dollar store. I am beyond obsessed with my stock pile of ABM stationary. Thank you soo much Elsie and Emma for bringing thoughtful back! If you want to subscribe to Happy Mail, you can do so HERE - I promise you won't regret it.

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