Planner Update | Erin Condern Life Planner

Since the beginning of 2015, I have been completely obsessed with planners and the planner community. More specifically, I have been obsessed with the Erin Condren Life Planner! Back in June, I bit the bullet and purchased my very first Life Planner, and let me tell you - I am even more obsessed! Planners have always been a big part of my life - I used them all through elementary and high school, but I got away from paper planners in university when technology and my Macbook calendar took over the way I kept track of my life. But now, I have completely fallen back in love with paper planners, planning and... GLAM Planning?! 

I never thought that I would refer to planning as being glamorous.. Most people groan at the thought of having to plan or organize an event, a day, week or even a month, while I happily embrace it. I look forward to Sunday afternoons where I get to sit down and plan out my entire week with colourful stickers, washi tape and more! Planning has quickly become an addiction to me. I could spend hours decorating my planner, and scrolling through Etsy sticker shops, dreaming of all the purchases I would make if I had an unlimited budget. 

All of the scrolling through Etsy quickly taught me that like other artsy hobbies, Planning can become expensive. To cut costs, I have been designing my own stickers in Photoshop, printing them on sticker paper, and hand cutting them out for my planner. Although I will admit that it is VERY time consuming, I find it extremely relaxing to sit down on the couch, watch a movie and cut out stickers.. You can call me crazy, don't worry! I will be doing a post in the next week or so on ways to save when buying stickers and on my favourite Etsy shops!

Since getting my planner, I have been trying out different ways to plan! By far my favourite is the “no white” look. My planner needs to be functional, but I love when it looks pretty. I am especially in love with the way this weeks spread looks! For this week I used some new products from Erin Condren, her Holiday Designer Sticker sheets (HERE) to make my full boxes, and stickers from the Holiday Gift Wrap Book (HERE). My decorative stickers are from a Darice Sticker Book but the other stickers are from Esty shops (Paisley Prints Co and Oh Hello Stationary Co)! I make all of my own functional stickers (Headers, Ombre Heart Checklists, TV Shows etc.) - but like I said, I'll have a post up on that soon!

Anyways, this post is basically a ramble about how much I love my planner. If you are into planners and want a different take on a weekly planner, I highly recommend Erin Condren’s Vertical Life Planner! The top down approach makes each day a “To-Do” list, and allows me to add a little glam into it! If the vertical view isn’t for you, and you like a traditional hourly, or horizontal planner Erin Condren also has you covered. You can sign up with my referral link HERE to receive $10 off your first purchase!

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