A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail | October 2015

It's my favourite time of the month, my Happy Mail subscription has arrived! Happy Mail is a monthly stationary subscription service that was launched almost a year ago by sisters Elsie and Emma, the masterminds behind the blog and brand A Beautiful Mess. Each month Happy Mail subscribers receive $50+ dollars worth of stationary for only $15 a month! If you have commitment issues and want to subscribe for 6 months, or on a monthly basis you can do that too, but the price is adjusted accordingly. If you are located in the United States shipping is included in the cost, but they will ship Happy Mail worldwide for just an additional $2.00! 

I received my seventh Happy Mail package last week and I thought I would share it today as it's one of the cutest ones yet! You can check out all of my other Happy Mail reviews HERE! October's Happy Mail package contained 8 cards, 1 post card, 8 standard envelopes, 2 mini washi tape dispensers, 1 notepad and 1 art print.

5 of the 8 cards in this month's Happy Mail are flat cards, which still aren't my favourite, but are slowly growing on me! My favourite out of all the flat cards is a Thank You card with lipstick smeared across the card - LOVE it! The candy stick card is also super pretty, and says "you make life sweet" on the back. The other flat cards include a winky card that looks kinda creepy to me, and says "Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge. Say no more, Say no more.” The You Nailed It card is blank on the flip side, and the Just Because card says "I think your awesome" on the back. The post card this month is being posted everywhere on Instagram and says "Heck Yes" in bright coloured sequins!

The 3 folded cards this month were a blank card with "Happy Birthday" on the front, a card with band aids all over it that says "Sorry" - the CUTEST card for an apology! And a card with records all over the front that says "You're A Classic" on the inside!

The print this month is a beautiful pink, orange and coral graphic print that features a quote from Mary Oliver. The extras this month are just AMAZING - 2 mini tape dispensers with black and white washi, and a pad of "Hello My Name Is" sticky notes - cuteness overload!

This month's Happy Mail subscription was one of my favourites so far! As always, the cards as they are super creative, are an excellent quality, and you just can't beat the price! It comes down to around $1.50/card + the stickers and prints are an extra bonus! These ABM cards definitely give you a run for your money, as you'll never find cards as cute as these at the dollar store. I am loving my huge stock pile of cards/stationary & my gallery wall is on point (if I do say so myself, aha)! Thank you soo much Elsie and Emma for bringing thoughtful back! If you want to subscribe to Happy Mail, you can do so HERE - I promise you won't regret it.

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