A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail | September 2015

Happy Monday! My Happy Mail arrived super late last month, so I never got the chance to blog about it. But this month it arrived in record timing - go figure! If you have no idea what I'm talking about Happy Mail is a monthly stationary subscription service that was launched back in November by sisters Elsie and Emma, the masterminds behind the blog and brand A Beautiful Mess. Each month Happy Mail subscribers receive $50+ dollars worth of stationary for only $15 a month! If you have commitment issues and want to subscribe for 6 months, or on a monthly basis you can do that too, but the price is adjusted accordingly. If you are located in the United States shipping is included in the cost, but they will ship Happy Mail worldwide for just an additional $2.00! 

I received my sixth Happy Mail package mid last week and I thought I would actuallly get around to sharing it this month. Septembers' package contained 8 cards, 1 post card, 8 standard envelopes, 1 Coffee Cup Cozy sheet, 1 sheet of washi strip stickers and Emoji page flags!

5 of the 8 cards in this month's Happy Mail are flat cards, which still aren't my favourite. I would really love to see a few more folded cards each month.. guess that makes me more traditional? There was also quite a few cards on white backgrounds, which I didn't LOVE, but none the less they are still super original and cute! The first flat card was a blank Emoji card that allows you to check whichever Emoji that person makes you feel - SO cute! The next card had four pencils on the front that say "You Are A Great Friend." There is also a square Thank You card with a brown paper envelope which I really like. The last 2 flat cards are fall themed - the first one says "I'm Falling For You" on on the front with a fall wreath, and the second one has a gorgeous latte on the front with "You're the Pumpkin Spice to my Latte" on the back. 

The 3 folded cards this month were a blank card with "Congrats" on the front, a card with tea & ice coffee on it in foil that says "Wishing You a Venti Sized Birthday" - perfect for any Starbucks lover, and a red card with quotations marks all over it that says "You're the Best" on the front and, "You can Quote me on That" on the inside! The envelope is also the special envelope this month, and is covered in white quotations. The postcard this month has some colourful typewriters on it that says "Just wanted to drop you a line" on the back in a small font, so you still have plenty of room for your note! 

This month didn't include a print which kinda bummed me out as I recently created a gallery wall in my bedroom, and I wanted some more fun prints to add to it! Instead Happy Mail Subscribers got a sheet with 2 Coffee Cup Cozy's on it that you can cut out, write some to do's on and put it around your morning coffee! I think the idea is cute, but realistically I am never going to use these unless I'm featuring it in a picture for social media or something like that! I really love the Emoji page flags though - they fit perfectly in the Erin Condren Life Planner boxes, and are super adorable! Lastly the washi sheet is pretty and features some fall colours & coffee!

Unfortunately I think this month's Happy Mail subscription was one of my least favourites. However, I will defiantly use the cards as they are super creative, are an excellent quality, and you just can't beat the price! It comes down to around $1.50/card + the stickers and prints are an extra bonus! These ABM cards definitely give you a run for your money, as you'll never find cards as cute as these at the dollar store. After 6 months, I now have a huge stock pile of cards/stationary & I love being able to give them out to family & friends! Thank you soo much Elsie and Emma for bringing thoughtful back! If you want to subscribe to Happy Mail, you can do so HERE - I promise you won't regret it.

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