A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail | June 2015

It's that time of the month again - Happy Mail time! Happy Mail is a monthly stationary subscription service that was launched back in November by sisters Elsie and Emma, the masterminds behind the blog and brand A Beautiful Mess. Each month Happy Mail subscribers receive $50+ dollars worth of stationary for only $15 a month! If you have commitment issues and want to subscribe for 6 months, or on a monthly basis you can do that too, but the price is adjusted accordingly. If you are located in the United States shipping is included in the cost, but they will ship Happy Mail worldwide for just an additional $2.00! 

I received my third Happy Mail package earlier this week and everything finalllly went smoothly! This months package contained 8 cards, 1 post card, 8 standard envelopes, 1 large print, 1 sheet of Washi Stickers, and 1 "Please Note" notepad. If you've been reading these posts on a monthly basis you would know allll about my Canada Post issues! Basicalllly, my mailman was folding my Happy Mail and shoving it into my mail box, which was damaging my cards! I contacted ABM and made a formal complaint to Canada Post, and it has all worked out. ABM sent me a replacement print last month and Canada Post spoke to the carrier, so my Happy Mail will never be shoved in my mailbox again! Once again, I love everything about Happy Mail - everything just keeps getting cuter!

3 of the 8 cards in this month's Happy Mail are flat cards - a white card with blue foiled seals and the words "Sealed With a Kiss" - SO cute! This card also came with this months special envelope - yellow, with colourful Hello's across it. The next flat card was large with a pool water reflection on it, and the words "Get it Girl" - I think this card would also be a nice print, rather than a card! Lastly there was a bride and groom card, with "My Favourite Couple" on the back.  The post card this month is pink, with a gold horse shoe and "I'm Lucky to Have You" on the front.

The 5 folded cards this month were all blank on the inside - a simple  "Happy Birthday" card with a watermelon, a "Very Merry Unbirthday to You" Card with teacups - perfect for someone with a sense of humour for any occasion, a grey card with a cuckoo clock on it that says "I'm Cuckoo for You" in blue foil, a white card with a cactus on it that says "You're Kinda Prickly, but I still Love you" in blue foil and a orange card with "Thank You" across it multiple times in blue foil. I think they are all super cute and are so unique! I love Elsie and Emma's designs - as always, they get a big thumbs up from me!

The print this month was a fairly large pink print with "Positive Vibes Only" in blue foil. The sticker sheets include a sheet of washi to seal off the cards with and a pretty "Please Note" notepad - this will come in handy for grocery lists, because I'm old school and write everything down.

I am super pleased with my Happy Mail subscription - the cards are super creative, are an excellent quality, and you just can't beat the price! It comes down to around $1.50/card + the stickers and prints are an extra bonus! These ABM cards definitely give you a run for your money, as you'll never find cards as cute as these at the dollar store. My stationary stock pile is quickly growing, and everyone seems to be loving these cute and clever cards! Thank you soo much Elsie and Emma for bringing thoughtful back! If you want to subscribe to Happy Mail, you can do so HERE - I promise you won't regret it.

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