VICHY Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist | Suncreen

As we all know, sunscreen is a must have in the summer months to protect us from the suns harmful UV rays. Last weekend I spent some time at a local beach and put VICHY's new Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist - Dry Touch SPF 50 Suncreen* to the test.

This year VICHY reformulated their Capital Soleil line, so Idéal Soleil was born! This reformulated line offers Ideal Protection (protection against all UV rays), Ideal Texture (quick drying, light textures, no white residue) and Ideal Care (hydrating, smoothing, mattifying, prevents signs of aging). The new Invisible Mist sunscreen offers a quick application, with immediate protection. It comes in a continuous spray format which is extremely easy to use and leaves the skin dry to the touch as well as hydrated - it is 100% undetectable on the skin! I was super pleased when I applied this to find that did not leave any residue, and smelt really good. I don't mind the traditional sunscreen smell, but this smells light and is not overpowering - you can put it on and the classic sunscreen smell won't linger on you all day. Overall, this suncreen was great and definitely did it's job at protecting my skin! 

This suncreen is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin as it includes Vichy's Thermal Spa Water which fortifies, soother and regenerates the skin. The formula is also hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, non-comedogenic and is tested under dermatological control. Idéal Soleil Invisible Mist is also available in SPF 30 and retails for $31.95 - I will say that it is fairly expensive for a suncreen, but I think that if you don't pay to protect your skin, you will pay for it later on in life. VICHY's new Idéal Soleil line also carries sun cream and lotion - the options are endless (see more HERE)! I highly recommend that you check out Idéal Soleil range!

*PR Sample

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