A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail | April 2015

If your not familiar with the blog A Beautiful Mess, then you are really missing out. ABM has been one of my favourite blogs since sisters Elsie and Emma came together in 2010. I absolutely love their photography, and content - everything is seriously so beautiful! On top of the blog, they also have 2 books (I own the photo idea book - HERE), offer online classes (I am currently enrolled in their 52 Week Photography course - HERE), run an online store and have recently launched 2 subscription services - one of them being Happy Mail! 

Happy Mail is a monthly stationary subscription service that was launched back in November and I have been eyeing it ever since. This month I could no longer resist and subscribed for the next 12 months. Each month Happy Mail subscribers receive $50+ dollars worth of stationary for only $15 a month! If you have commitment issues and want to subscribe for 6 months, or on a monthly basis you can do that too, but the price is adjusted accordingly. If you are located in the United States shipping is included in the cost, but they will ship Happy Mail worldwide for just an additional $2.00! 

I received my first Happy Mail package today, and I just couldn't wait to share it. This months package contained 8 cards, 1 post card, 8 standard envelopes, 1 print, 1 sheet of Washi Stickers, and 1 days of the week note pad. When I first opened my mail box I had a minor heart attack because Canada Post had folded up the envelope and shoved it into the box instead of ringing my buzzer to pick it up - luckily nothing was damaged, but I will definitely be leaving him a sticky note next month so it does not happen again! Even the Package itself is SO cute - but you can see how folded it was... 

3 of the 8 Cards from this months Happy Mail are flat cards, which are a new concept to me, but I really like them! The Long Card that says "You Drive Me Crazy" has silver foil on it and is blank on the back - I love how unique it is. The Zebra card says "Thank You" in silver foil and says "You're Fancy" on the back - how cute is that?! And the last flat card has the Emoji girls on it in silver foil and says "Best Friends Forever"- I can't wait to send this to my best friend! The BFF Card also came with a "special" envelope, as I understand that in each months package there is one patterned envelope.

The postcard is super adorable it says "If you're a campfire, I want s'more" and I think it will be super fun to send to someone from my cottage this summer. The print that was included is very colourful and abstract and says "Dream Bigger" in silver foil - I hope I receive more prints in the upcoming months so I can frame them and make a collage on the wall above my desk. The washi tape and days of the week calendar are also both super cute. The washi tape is a nice way to close off an envelope, and I can definitely see myself using the days of the week calendar on my desk to plan blog posts! 

The card that sold me on signing up for a year subscription was the "Stop Hogging all the Birthday Cake Happy Birthday!" card, that featured Priscilla and Poppleton from @prissy_pig on instagram. I have a slight crazy obsession with miniature pigs and just needed this card in my life - I love it SO much that I might just put it in a frame instead of giving it to someone (aha, #imcrazy)! The "Winking of You" and "Get Well Soon" card are both blank inside, but super fun. I really love how creative Elsie and Emma are, and I love the silver foil, and glittery pills! The "Extra Sprinkles" card says Happy Birthday on the inside and is perfect for anyone. Lastly, I absolutely adore the "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" card, as it says "Thinking of You" on the inside. I just can't even. It's SO cute!

I am so happy with my decision to subscribe to Happy Mail - the cards are super creative, are an excellent quality, and you just can't beat the price! It comes down to around $1.50/card + the washi tape, print, and days of the week calendar are an extra bonus! These ABM cards definitely give you a run for your money, as you'll never find cards as cute as these at the dollar store. I can't wait to have a huge stationary stock pile, and be known for giving out the cutest cards! Thank you soo much Elsie and Emma for bringing thoughtful back! If you want to subscribe to Happy Mail, you can do so HERE - I promise you won't regret it.

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