COLAB Volume Extreme Dry Shampoo

A few weeks ago I reviewed COLAB Dry Shampoo (HERE), and if you read that review you would know that I wasn't totally sold on the formula. Since then I have been testing out the Extreme Volume version, and let me tell you - my expectations have been met! It's not too often that I photograph empty products, but both of these cans are completely empty, and my hair is begging for more.
If you aren't familiar with COLAB, it is the creation of beauty blogger, vlogger and model, Ruth Crilly - also known as A Model Recommends. COLAB recently launched two of it's fragrances in Canada - Rio and London - both of which I have been using. The Rio fragrance is described as a carnival of tropical notes with papaya, pineapple and a heart of cassis, while London is a classic yet contemporary fragrance of bergamot, musk and magnolia. I personally prefer Rio, but both smell lovely. 
If you are a regular reader, you would know that I can't live without dry shampoo! I only wash my hair 2 times a week, so I depend on dry shampoo to get me through. Batiste XXL is my favourite dry shampoo, as it keeps my hair feeling clean, and gives me a little extra oomph when my hair is looking limp. The COLAB Extreme Volume version has definitely met it's match, because I love it just as much, if not more than Batiste XXL! Unlike the COLAB original dry shampoo, the extreme volume formula is not invisible and does leave you with a white powder residue. Since I am a blonde, this doesn't make it or break it for me as I don't have an issue with any residue being visible in my roots. I love love love the COLAB Extreme Volume Formula, and will definitely be purchasing more!

If you have dark hair, or an issue with powder residue than I wouldn't recommend this formula, but the Original COLAB Dry Shampoo is definitely for you! I love the COLAB Volume Extreme as it gives me the volume I want, while keeping my hair as clean as it can be without washing it! COLAB is available from Lawton Drugs, Jean Coutu, Lawtons and select Pharmasave, Pharmachoice on online at The 50ml bottle (pictured above) retails for $5.49, while the full size 200ml bottle retails for $9.99. What's your favourite Dry Shampoo? 

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  1. I've been hearing a lot about Colab dry shampoo lately. I use Batiste for volume and go through a LOT of it. I really want to try Colab after reading your review. Love the two comparisons. I just hope I can find it. Thanks so much for the review.