Sick Day Essentials

February certainly made an entrance this year, as Mother Nature dumped over 30 centimeters of snow on parts of Southern Ontario last night. This post is pretty random, but I'm sick and stuck in bed, so I wanted to chat about something different today. For the past few days I have been suffering from a common cold. I had plans to be super productive today, but that all changed now that I have no obligations, and my body feels like it got hit by a truck. Good News, Bad News. Bad News: This morning I woke up with the stomach flu... Good News: My university is officially closed today, and we have a snow day! While a snow day is pretty exciting, the stomach flu + a common cold royally sucks, so I thought I would share a few of the things that have made my sick days a little bit better!

Kleenex has basically been my best friend for the past few days and I've already gone through 2 whole boxes - where does all the snot come from? It's so gross, but seriously though! Kleenex really doesn't help me feel better, but it's a total necessity. I have also been getting through the day (and night) with the help of Tylenol Complete - it takes care of a tonne of symptoms and has definitely made me feel a little better!

You're probably laughing at the Lysol Wipes, but Lysol wipes are a must for me! I live with 3 other girls and I am a total germaphobe, so I wipe down every surface I touch so I don't spread my germs. I love my roommates, and share quite a few things - but I'm not big on sharing germs! 

For beauty items, makeup has not been a priority. I think the last day I put makeup on was Wednesday? maybe Thursday? I have been keeping VICHY's Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream (Full Review HERE) within arms reach to put around my nose, because it's super dry and as red as Rudolph's. This cream is a total life saver for super dry skin, and has provided me with alot of relief! 

For food - Ritz Crackers and toast are basically the only thing I can stomach and keep down right now, but tea and water are also super important! Gotta keep hydrated! 

As for entertainment in bed all day, I downloaded the new book from Lauren Conrad's Book Club (HERE), To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han, and I also have been binge watching Covert Affairs on Netflix. 

The only other things that make me feel a little better is a candle - Bath & Body Work's Vanilla Snowflake is currently burning on my windowsill (look how much snow my window sill has on it! It's more than 12 inches!) and a big comfy blanket - the one in the photograph is from Clair de Lune, and I am obsessed. This blanket is perfect for naps. 

If your also sick, and snowed in I hope that you feel better soon! What are your sick day essentials?

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