VICHY Normaderm | Night Detox

At the beginning of December I received a very generous package full of VICHY products from Jayne Ambler PR! For the past month or so I have been incorporating the products into my skincare routine, and I am finally ready to share my thoughts on them (get ready for some more VICHY posts)! 

One of my personal favourites is the Vichy Laboratories Normaderm Night Detox.* This night cream targets men and women of all ages, who have oily skin. I unfortunately fall under the oily skin category, but this cream has completely transformed my skin. The Night Detox treats skin imperfections and helps to reduce sebum production during the night. If you aren't familiar with Sebum, it is a substance that your skin produces to help keep your skin and hair moisturised. Oily skin is caused by large amounts of  sebum, and if sebum gets trapped in your pores it can cause acne. If you wake up in the morning and your skin feels oily and dirty, it is because your body produces too much sebum overnight, and causes it to accumulate on your skin - gross, right? 

Anyways, this detox cream is absolutely amazing at decreasing oil levels and healing blemishes. Over the past 4 weeks, I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of oil that my skin produces, and I have yet to report a breakout! It is a fairly thick and somewhat sticky cream when you apply it - to be totally honest, it kinda feels like I'm spreading Elmer's school glue on my face before I go to sleep - but once you get past the glue feeling, it absorbs into the skin very quickly and has a semi-matte finish. My skin feels clean and looks healthy every morning! 

It comes in a 40ml squeeze tube which is super hygienic, and is really practical. It is also hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, and paraben free! I highly recommend this night detox to anyone that has oily skin - I wish I knew about this product sooner, so thanks Jayne for introducing me to it! 

*PR Sample

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