Best In Beauty: 2014

We're already a week into 2015 and I haven't posted yet... Whoops! I hope you all had a Happy New Year, and an awesome first week - I hope that going back to reality after the holidays wasn't too big of a shock for you. I thought that it would be fitting if I selected my top 14 beauty products of the past year.. but I realised that I had far too many beauty loves, so I decided  to pick 14 makeup favourites (this blog post) and then decided that I would also post a skincare and haircare routine in the next few weeks! 

I kinda cheated on the 14 favourites a little bit, but I make the rules around here, so it's alright - right? aha. First things first my favourite foundations of the year are both from Estée Lauder! From January to September I wore Estée Lauder's Double Wear Foundation (Full Review HERE), and since September I have been wearing Estée Lauder's Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Foundation (Full Review HERE). Both are absolutely fabulous, and I will be repurchasing the Double Wear as the bottle in the picture is completely empty.

For concealer, I had to go with L'Oreal's Visibile Lift Blur Concealer (Full Review HERE), as I have been wearing it under my eyes for over the half the year and have already repurchased it! This works like a dream with a Beauty Blender (another fav) and I truely love it! To cover up any blemishes that popped up (literally), I used Make Up Forever's Full Cover Concealer - this has been my go to concealer for years when it comes to hiding flaws!

For Powder I used Rimmel's Stay Matte Setting Powder in 001 Transparent for the entire year! For me, this beats high end powders as it does the job, keeps my oils at bay, and is super affordable. I clearly need to go repurchase another one, since my current one got a little banged up while I was travelling over the holidays. I also really love the Croquis Alight Pact that I received in my first Memebox (HERE). This powder adds a glowy sheen to my skin, and I love using it as a highlighter!

My favourite blush is Benefit's Boxed Blush in Coralista I wore this on my cheeks almost everyday (give or take a few days), and I just can't get over it. It is the perfect coral pink and looks super natural. This blush has clearly received a lot of love this past year as I am almost out! 

My brozer fav was not difficult for me to choose as I have been using it since March and haven't stopped. Enter: NYC's Smooth Skin Bronze Face Powder in Sunny (Full Review HERE). This bronzer has definitely seen better days as the compact is currently being held together with some duck tape (I'm so classy). I highly recommend this bronzer as it is matte, not too orange, and is super easy to blend - it is also very affordable. My high end brozer fav is NARS Brozer in Laguna, but my broke student budget can't deal with the $50.00 price tag attached to that one, so until I can afford it, this NYC one has a home in my collection.

Oh Eyes - You are the favourite part of my makeup routine, and it was so hard for me to pick my favourites! Starting off with an eyeshadow primer the Urban Decay Primer Potion takes the cake. This is probably my tenth tube of it, and I will forever repurchase it. It makes my shadows stay in place all day, and prevents creasing. For eyeshadow, my most used palette for the past few months has been the It's Judy Time Palette from BH Cosmetics (Full Review HERE). I absolutely love this palette and have already hit pan on the lightest shade! I also used Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette and Naked 2 Palette for a large chunk of the year. I'm pretty sure that I wore winged eyeliner for more than 300 days out of the 365 days in 2014! My favourite liquid liners are Lancome's Art Liner & Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in Trooper (Read More HERE). For Mascara I grew to love Lancome's Grandiose Mascara (Full Review HERE) and I recently discovered Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara. Both are great for wearing on a daily basis! 

Brows were a big thing in 2014 and my fav brow product is MAC's Eyebrow Pencil in Fling. This reminds me of the Anastasia Brow Wiz as it is super fine, and allows you to be precise.

If you have been following me for a while you would know that I have a huge obsession with the entire Bite Beauty Line! I could not narrow it down to just one lip product, but I have loved everything Bite Beauty - from lipgloss, to lipsticks, to lip pencils, to lip masks, I have tried and loved them all! You can check out my full reviews on the Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library (HERE), Mix N' Mingle Collectors Edition (HERE), the High Pigment Lip Pencils (HERE), and the Agave Lip Mask (HERE) - Bite Beauty nailed it this past year!

What were your 2014 favourites? If you wrote a post or made a video link it down below!


  1. i love seeing what people wear through a long time. I use the Stay Matte powder too, its quite popular x

    1. I agree, seeing what products people always go back to says a lot about them! :)