Miracle 10 Skincare Challenge

This post is long overdue, but back at the beginning of November, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Miracle10 Word of Mouth Beauty Blogger event downtown Toronto. The event was so much fun - there was make-up touch ups from Dior, mini manicures, free skincare consultations and Michelle Ville, the founder of BeautyEditor.ca was the guest speaker! Everyone in attendance received a gift bag with the products that were recommended to them during their skincare consultation. I received the customised skin care recommendations for acne prone/oily skin. I would say that my skin is combination, but after talking to one of the specialists, she determined that the oily skin regime would be best for me!

The Ace Prone/Oily Skin Care Regime* consists of a cleanser, exfoliating solution, AHA Gel, Serum and sunscreen! I put this entire regime to the test for 3 weeks, and I am finally here to share my thoughts on it with you! Note: I did not use any other products during this 3 week trial period.

Cleanser II ($39) - This cleanser is a deep exfoliating wash. It is supposed to increase evenness in skintone, and improve elasticity with the appearance of a brighter and smoother complexion. I was instructed to massage 2-4 pumps of this cleanser onto my face and neck in both the mornings and evenings. I am normally drawn to a more exfoliating cleanser, as this one is very creamy and smooth, but it did a decent job at removing my makeup, and made my face feel clean. However, I did have to use an eye-makeup remover to fully remove all traces of my makeup.

Solution I ($39) - This clarifying solution is a gentle, pore refining exfoliant that contains active ingredients, such as Glycolic and Lactic acid. It is supposed to make your skin look healthier, brighter and more balanced appearance with fewer breakouts. I applied this solution with a cotton pad after using the cleanser in both the morning and evening. My normal skincare routine consists of me using a prescription toner to help with managing breakouts. I felt that this solution was okay at removing any extra grime (yummy) that the cleanser wasn't able to remove, but I do not think that this toner provided me with enough exfoliation, as I broke out more than normal during this trial.

AHA Gel I ($59) - This advanced exfoliating gel stimulates skin renewal and extracts impurities. Regular use will help balance skin tone, smooth skin texture and promote a more even and healthy complexion. I found that this gel made my skin sting slightly after I applied it, and I did not see any drastic results during my 3 week trial period.

Light Serum ($69) - The Vitamin Enriched Moisturiser contains vitamins A, B, D3, E and K, which makes it suitable for all skin types. This moisturiser will hydrate skin, make it feel firm and toned while promoting a glowing complexion. I found that this serum was not moisturising enough for my dry patches, and my foundation began to cling to these patches more than normal during the last week of my trial.

Sunscreen SPF 30 ($52) - This broad spectrum, UVA and UVB shield safeguards the skin against sun damage, offering vital anti-aging protection with a unique dry-touch application. The formula is non-comedogenic, which makes it suitable for all skin types. Michelle Ville really emphasised the importance of sunscreen at the event - wearing an SPF everyday, even in the winter, is super important! This sunscreen is definitely not greasy, sinks in immediately, and doesn't affect make-up application. This product is my favourite from the line - big thumbs up from me!

Overall, I would pass on this entire skincare regime, as I think that there are better and less expensive options out there for me. I do not think that this regime was exfoliating enough for me, as during this trial I broke out on my cheeks and chin, which is not normal for my skin. I wouldn't recommend the line, as it didn't work as well I wanted it to, and the products are quite expensive. However, I do recommend the sunscreen, as the formula is unique, and it's definitely worth investing in a good SPF!

Thanks again Miracle10 for the invite, and the wonderful gift bag!

*Products were a Complimentary Gift

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  1. What an amazing collection of skin care, the packaging looks really good and trusting x