Spectro AcneCare Face Wash

All of this gloomy weather is making it really hard to take half decent blog pictures, so excuse the quality, but I'm sure you get the idea! A few weeks ago Spectro Skincare contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to put their new AcneCare Wash for Acne Prone Skin* to the test! At the time, I was experiencing some unpleasant breakouts so I readily agreed. Since receiving this product, I have switched up my skincare routine which has left me with clear skin (blog post coming soon)! Because of this, I really wasn't able to thoroughly test out this product, so my boyfriend, Collin, was my test dummy.

The Spectro AcneCare Wash is specially formulated with 4.0% benzoyl peroxide to help fight acne and contains moisturisers to help with the dryness. It helps to both treat and prevent blemishes. It is also fragrance free, and is available in the 170g size!

Benzoyl Peroxide and I go way back - I used it throughout my early teenage years to combat my breakouts, so I was aware that it is quite drying. I used this face wash once, and was super surprised that it was a very thick and creamy. Nonetheless, I had a few breakouts at the time, and I do think that this helped - but it left my skin very dry and very irritated - even after using my regular serum and moisturiser! 

I then passed this off to my boyfriend, Collin, who has been using it for the past week and he is seeing results! I would say that he has acne prone skin, and this wash has definitely helped to clear up his problem areas! 

The Spectro AcneCare Wash for Acne Prone Skin is available in Canada at major retailers from $15.99 to $17.99. If you do have acne prone skin, and are familiar with Benzoyl Peroxide, I would highly recommend that you try out this cleanser!
*Received for consideration of a review!

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