Real Techniques Roadshow | Event

Sam & Nic Chapman, aka Pixiwoo on YouTube, and the creators of Real Techniques have been taking the beauty world by storm since 2008, when Sam uploaded her first video onto Youtube. Since then they have launched a luxurious, yet affordable makeup brush line (Enter: Real Techniques), and their Pixiwoo channel has more than 21o million views! 

Last Friday I spent the night with them at their first Real Techniques Roadshow event in Canada, hosted by Farleyco! The event was held at Joey's Restaurant in the Eaton Centre (downtown Toronto) - Farleyco rented a private room, and the atmosphere was a lot of fun! During the event bloggers got to take pictures with Sam & Nic, chat with them, eat some delicious appetizers, drink wine, listen to them speak about their journey & have them answer some questions from the other bloggers!

Sam & Nic are honestly two of the sweetest people that I have ever met. They are both so friendly, personable, so down to earth, real (although Nic said they were fake because they both had hair extensions in, and fake lashes on) and funny! 

Once I started to talk to them I basically lost my mind and fangirled a little  like crazy! I fangirled so much that I really have no idea what I said to them, aha! All I know is that I told them that they were both so beautiful, and then they told me I was beautiful.. Instagram & their YouTube videos were mentioned, but after that, my mind is completely blank! I was obviously trying to keep my cool the entire time, but after we got hugs goodbye (*squeals*) I couldn't contain myself! (We = my friend Emma from Farley Co!)

After Emma and I left the event I tweeted how amazing Sam & Nic are and Nic instantly tweeted me back! Cue: Instant freakout in the car as Emma was driving! I also found Sam's name tag on a table near the bar after most of the people had left, so I scooped it up and brought it home as a little souvenir.. I posted it on Instagram (@ashmurdockk) a few days ago & Sam liked it within seconds! Cue: Instant freakout number two!

I just wanted to thank Farleyco for this wonderful opportunity & for the awesome swag bags that we got sent home with - MakeUp Bags from Modella from & the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre brushes that are no longer limited edition! You can check my review of them HERE! It was definitely a night to remember (too bad I can't actually recall what I talked to Sam & Nic about.. aha). 

Real Techniques Brushes are available at Uni Prix, London Drugs, Select Pharmasaves, Select Value Drug Marts, Walmart, online at and!

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