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Two weeks ago I received my first Memebox! I am totally slacking on the review of it, but I have been crazy busy. I placed the order back in August, so I was super excited when it finally showed up at my front door!

Memebox (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) is not a typical subscription service. Memebox regularly releases boxes filled with assorted beauty products popular among Koreans. You are then able to pick the box or boxes that you want to receive! Prices usually depend on the type of the box, but most of them are either $23 or $29 USD + $6.99 S&H. Memebox is curated in Korea, but ships internationally, so if you are in Canada, Australia or anywhere in Europe, you can get your hands on one of these, too! You can check out their website at http://us.memebox.com/user/murdocktalks with my affiliate link!

The first box that I picked out was Special #36 Meme's Pouch! I was expecting a makeup bag (pouch) full of makeup products, so I was a little thrown off when there was no pouch, and the box included a hair product and hand cream, but the value did not disappoint!

Each box arrives in the prettiest hot pink box, with a product card that has a description of the items you receive, how to use them, and the value. I am super thankful for this, since most of the product names, ingredients, and directions are written in Korean! My box contained 6 items.

Etude House – Blotting Paper Pact (Full-Size) Retail Value $6: This little blotting paper compact from Etude House is super cute and purse friendly! I think it might be my favourite product from the box, but it is also ironically the cheapest. It contains 50 sheets, and a self adhesive puff, so the blotting sheets get picked up one at a time. I've never been one to blot, but this is just so adorable that I will have to use it!

Evas – Rose Mine Perfumed Hand Cream (Full-Size) Retail Value $12: This hand cream is in the scent Musk & Musk - I'm not too sure what it is supposed to smell like, but to me it smells pretty bog standard in the hand cream department. When I received the box I had a killer cold and was unable to smell it, but I was worried it was going to be too overpowering. Luckily, this hand cream keeps my hands super moisturised, sinks in quickly, and doesn't stick up the whole room when applying it!
Vally Sous – Hair Solution Protein Therapy Perfect Mist (Full-Size) Retail Value $21: I have only been using this hair mist for the past few days, so I am still undecided on how I feel about it. The smell is quite different, but hasn't kept me from using it. We'll have to see how I get on with this one in the next few weeks.

Drww. – Mix & Match (Full-Size) Retail Value $47: This kit is super cute, but just isn't for me. It comes with 5 lip/cheeck colours and a mixing pot so you are able to make your own lip/cheek colour! I have already passed this kit onto my sister, as the formula was a little drying for the lips, and I much prefer powder blush! I also think the value of this is a little outrageous, considering the formula didn't blow me away.

Croquis – Alight Pact (Full-Size) Retail Value $35: This is my second favourite product that I received. This adorable powder is to be applied after applying your makeup for more of a highlight or definition. I am loving this powder, and the polka dots are SO cute!

Evas – By Marait Eau De Perfume (Full-Size) Retail Value $30: I was a little surprised to receive a full sized perfume in this box! Perfume is so difficult to have in a box, as scent is so personal. Luckily, I like the scent I received - No. 8 It's a Fine Day - it's super light and fresh, and will be perfect in the spring! I also love how modern the bottle looks. 

The total retail value of this box is $141.00! I am totally impressed with my first Memebox and will definitely be ordering more - I am constantly looking at the website and lusting after so many boxes, but I need a to exercise a little self control.

If your interested in ordering a Memebox you can check out their website HERE!

Here are the Memebox discount codes that I currently have for October:
$5 off on orders above $100 - AFFILIATE-3927-WSXI0-AYFU
$10 off on orders above $150 - AFFILIATE-9690-SO2R3-MZHI

Have you purchased a Memebox before?  Which box has been your favourite so far?

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  1. Ohh you will love Etude House's Blotting Paper Pact! ^ ^