Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers - I hope that your weekend has been filled with family, love & happiness! I have been home for the past few days for Thanksgiving (I also have this week off as my university has implemented a new fall reading week!) and earlier today my family and I headed down to a garden near Lake Ontario to do our annual Murdock family photoshoot! You can check out our photoshoot from last year HERE

The pictures started out normal, but ended crazy since my family can't be serious for more than 10 minutes. The pictures were taken by yours truly (with the help of self timer, and my lovely boyfriend - Collin - who pressed the button, aha)!

I hope that you have had an awesome weekend, and are super stuffed with turkey! I promise that blog posts are going to be more regular for the next few weeks, as my life is finally starting to calm down. Lot's of Love to all of your families! xo

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