My Must Have Handbag Essentials!

Besides my phone, there are a couple of things that I cannot leave my house without. It doesn't matter if I'm running to the grocery store for milk, or if I'm heading to Collin's house for the weekend, I have a few essentials that I keep on hand.

I keep these things in a small makeup bag, so they are kept together and are easy to move from handbag to handbag. The makeup bag that I am currently using is Allegro's Satin Quilt Purse Kit* (HERE) - it is super cute (I am 100% obsessed with anything that has a bow on it!), and is a travel friendly size. It is also super easy to wipe off if anything were to spill on it.

Sunscreen - The one that I am currently using is Banana Boat's Sun Lotion with SPF 30. Now I don't carry sunscreen around the grocery store, but I do pop this in the bag when I am going away for a day trip or the weekend. I actually had to fork out $17.00 for this tube, because I forgot to bring sunscreen when Collin and I went to the beach - I definitely will not be forgetting sunscreen anytime soon!

Hand Sanitizer - To be honest, I am a little bit of a germaphobe. It really grosses me out when I'm in a public place, about to eat something and I'm not able to wash my hands.  It might be weird to have a current favourite hand sanitizer, but I really am loving the X3 Foaming Hand Sanitizer* (HERE)! This hand sanitizer is fragrance free, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-drying to the skin! On top of all that it is alcohol free and kills 99.9% of germs! Alcohol gel strips away the skin's natural oils and really drys the skin with repeated use, which actually increases the number of bacteria on the skin. This sanitizer dries super quick, and doesn't leave a sticky residue on my hands like some other hand sanitizers do! I used this the entire time I was at Boots & Hearts, and it was great! 

Lip Balm - No one likes dry or chapped lips. I always have 10 different lip products floating around the bottom of my handbags, but I can never seem to find lip balm when I need it. This one by Nivea is nothing spectacular, but it gets the job done if your lips are starting to feel a little dry when you are on the go!

Medicine - I suffer from daily headaches, and a super sensitive stomach due to a growing number of food allergies. I always keep Advil Liquid Gels and Pepto Bismol with me, as I never know when a super bad headache, or a case of the runs (TMI?) will hit me!

Concealer -I'm not one to carry a bag full of cosmetics in my purse, as I'm not bothered to touch up my face throughout the day. I do however feel pretty self conscious when I know I have a spot peeking out, as I feel like everyone I talk to is just starring at it. This double ended Concealer & Lipgloss stick from Estee Lauder is super convenient and is great if a pesky pimple pops up out of nowhere! 

I also keep a pen, hair tie, bobby pins, tampons, and my glasses cleaner in the bag so I am never without them! What are your handbag essentials?

*PR Sample


  1. I carry advils around with me everywhere I go too! People call me nuts but then come crawling back when they need some ;) Oh! I was also wondering if you've ever reviewed Vain Pursuits before? I'd love to hear what you have to say about them!

    1. aha so true - i am always the go to girl for advil! i have never head of vain pursuits before. i just googled it and it sounds so interesting - i would love to try it!