Ombre Pink Hair | Splat Hair Chalk

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@ashmurdockk) you would know that I rocked hot pink hair this past weekend and was totally obsessed with it! I absolutely loved it. Some of my friends thought I dyed my hair for real, but the secret is that it was Splat Hair Chalk* in the shade Dusty Rose!

I have always loved the look of ombre pink hair, but I have serious commitment issues when it comes to my hair, and I am way too scared to permanently or even semi-permanently colour it! However, hair chalk is the perfect solution to my commitment issues - it's super fun, looks awesome, and easily washes out with shampoo in the shower!

Splat Hair Chalk is a beautiful and easy way to add colour to your hair. Since I do have blonde hair, the colour came out quite bright, but it does work on darker hair as well! The chalk comes in a circular compact that is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. An applicator sponge is also included to help with application close to your hairline, or while applying colour to a braid. Prior to applying the hair chalk I curled my hair with tighter curls than I normally would, as I expected them to fall out as I pulled the colour through my hair. Splat Hair Chalk is designed to be able to be brushed, curled or styled after application, but I think it's best to style your hair prior to the chalk.

To apply the chalk all you need to do is select a piece of hair, mist it with hair spray and then press your hair into the pan of chalk and slide it down towards the ends of your hair. I found that I slid each piece of hair through the chalk 3-4 times to increase the intensity of the colour. Once you are satisfied with the colour, mist the section of hair with more hair spray to set the colour.

The application process was fun, but quite messy, so I suggest wearing dark clothing, and doing it in a bathroom. As you can see, my hands were covered with the chalk and I was only halfway through applying it. It also had quite a bit of fall out which left my bathroom counter covered in sparkly pink powder. Besides the mess, which was to be expected, my only other complaint is that throughout the day the colour began to fall off my hair and onto my back and shoulders - and I used a tonne of hair spray. By the end of the day there was still quite a bit of colour left in my hair, it just wasn't as vibrant. It washed off of my hands really easily with soap and water, and came out of my hair after shampooing it once.

I have short hair and I hit pan, but I could probably use it for at least 2 more applications. Splat Hair Chalk is available in a variety of colours and retails for $8.99 online at Farley Co (HERE) or in stores at select Shoppers Drug Mart, and select Pharmasaves.
What do you think of my pink hair? Would you ever permanently die your tips hot pink?

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