Life Update #6

I am back! Well not really.. I am naughtily typing this at work because I feel like I need to explain why blog posts have been few and far between non-existent for the past few weeks! 

I started July off with a little getaway with my family and Collin to my cottage for a week to take a break and just relax. My life has been crazy between work and my house being up for sale, so a week with fresh air, a break from the constant cleaning and no technology is exactly what I needed. Upon my return my 7 month old MacBook decided that it would be cool for the logic board to crash. Long story short, I went running to the Apple store, and they have been working on my laptop for the past week. Last night I went to the store to pick it up at 5pm.. by 7pm I was back at Apple because the problem was not fixed. I am once again laptop-less, and am hoping they can fix it real soon! Luckily, it's under warranty, but this is just a huge inconvenience - I swear that the Apple God's hate me.

I am taking Friday off this week to spend the weekend with Collin, and potentially go to the beach! My hope is that my laptop will be back in my possession by Monday, so that I can post reviews of some great and not so great products that I have been trying out recently next week!

I hope you all understand - Technology is great when it actually works! Hope you are all having a great summer!

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