St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

I'm just going to start by saying that Self Tanner is definitely not my speciality. In fact, this is the first self tanner that I have ever used. I have always been sceptical of tanner, as I do not want to end up bright orange, and streaky. I would rather be the whitest girl on the beach, than the orange one, aha. 

This whole self tanning adventure started when my sister, Michelle wanted to be tan for her prom. Anyways, I did quite a bit of research on different tanners and decided to buy her St. Tropez's Self Tan Bronzing Mouse. I bought the 300ml bottle, but it does come in a smaller size, because I really had no idea about how much product we would actually need for a few applications.

This self tanner has a smell to it, but it's pleasant and not too overpowering. We both applied it before we went to sleep and showered it off in the morning (8.5 hours later).. and good news, it didn't stain my beautiful white bamboo sheets! It does have a colour guide which is really helpful, as it makes it really easy to see the spots that you haven't gone over yet! 

The formula of this product is more of a foam, rather than a mousse. The foam itself is a green-ish brown when you pump it out, so do not be alarmed - you will not end up looking like Shrek! The green tones are used to counteract any orange, so your tan ends up a beautiful golden brown.

Long story short, after using this tanner on both Michelle and myself, I am no longer a self tan sceptic. This sunless tan gave us both a beautiful sunkissed glow, and lasted for an entire week. After using it a few times I have learned a few things, so I thought I would share them with you if you are a newbie to self tanner!

1) Exfoliating & Moisturizing is very important! If you don't prepare your skin for the tanner, it won't soak in as nicely and will cling to your dry patches. Moisturizing daily will also help your tan to last longer.

2) Swimming Pool = Bad Idea. My sister is a swim instructor/life guard so she spends quite a bit of time in a highly chlorinated pool. After a few hours of lessons her tan was streaky and splotchy, and after 2 days of lessons her tan was completely gone! If you think self tanner prior to a beach vacation is a good idea, your wrong.. you want to avoid pools and oceans like the plague!

3) Two People is Better than One. If you have a friend, sister or boyfriend that you feel super comfortable around, I would recommend that they help you apply the tanner to your back, and the back of your legs so you get a nice even application and you don't miss the hard to reach spots!

4) Use a Mit! Self Tan is best applied with a mit - it evenly applies the tanner, and it keeps your hands from turning orange!

Do you have any other self-tanner tips? Let me know what your favourite sunless tanning product is!

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