Skin Envy Wax Strips & Soothing Cream

Now that it is officially summer, hair removal has become a permanent addition to my skin care routine. I'll be the first to admit that I tend to take a break from shaving/waxing during the colder months! Skin Envy By ProFactor has recently come out with some new products that keep your skin in mind. Often hair removal products can damage your skin, so Skin Envy has developed products with natural ingredients that help to leave your skin feeling smooth, nourished and hydrated. All Skin Envy products are also fragrance and paraben free, which is always a plus! I recently got to try the Sugar & Bees Wax Hair Removal Strips* for face and bikini as well as the Soothing Cream* for relief of pain and itching. 

The Skin Envy Sugar and Bees Wax Strips are decent, but are not superior to any other wax strips that I have tried. Each box contains 16 strips (8 strips that can be pulled apart) and are quite small, as they are for the face and bikini area. The box instructs you to warm the strips by rubbing them between your hands, apply the strips and remove them quickly to get rid of unwanted hair. I found that these strips worked well for eyebrows, but not the bikini area. The wax wasn't strong enough to grip all the hairs, and left patchy results. They also lost their "stickiness" very quickly, so it was almost impossible to reuse the strips. These wax strips are available for $7.99 online at Farley Co (HERE).

The Skin Envy Soothing Cream is formulated with Lidocaine to provide fast temporary relief  of bumps, itching and redness. It also contains Quince Seed Extract and Vitamin E to keep skin soft and well nourished. This cream can be used on any part of your body, including your face. I really liked this soothing cream - I have never tried anything like it and it instantly reduced redness and the sting after a bikini wax. It also worked great around my eyebrows and did not break me out.  I will definitely be throwing this cream into my handbag the next time I head to the salon for a wax! This cream is available for $8.99 in stores at Walmart, and online at Farley Co (HERE).

Overall the soothing cream is the winner here, as I love how quickly it soothes the skin. I highly recommend this cream to regular waxers, but I would pass on the wax strips. Although they are made with natural ingredients, they don't get the job done. 

*PR Samples (See Disclosure Policy)

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