My Week In Pictures {April 24 - May 8}

These past two weeks have flown by, and I didn't write a "Week In Pictures" post last week, so here I am with some of my highlights from the past 14 days! If you wanna stay up to speed with my life follow me on Instagram & Twitter (@ashmurdockk on both!).

From Left to Right:

Happy Monday - My brother photo bombed my Happy Monday selfie, and it actually turned out quite cute! I am also obsessed with the statement necklace that I am wearing in the picture - It's from Dynamite!

Warehouse Sale - Last Thursday my family and I went to a warehouse sale. If you have never been to a warehouse sale, it is crazy. You literally walk into a warehouse, and there is just open boxes of super cheap name brand stuff that you can rummage through. I didn't get anything for myself, but I bought a Ottawa Senators t-shirt for Collin. 

Last Long Hair Selfie - This was the last selfie that I took on my phone before I chopped my hair off!

Box Of Goodies - On Friday I received an awesome box of products from Canadian Beauty Product Distributor, Farley Co. Stay tuned for product reviews in the upcoming weeks!

Short Hair - On Saturday I chopped my hair off. I wrote a quick blog post on it HERE.

Selfie Sunday - I took an awful lot of selfies this week! Collin visited me this past weekend, so we took a crazy picture while we were waiting for my mom to finish making lunch.

House Hunting - It was a beautiful day on Sunday, so my family went house hunting (our house is currently up for sale) so Collin & I took a picture. I'm weird and like to take pictures every time we are together, aha.

Spa Night - After Collin went home on Sunday night I had a little spa night with myself - I put in a hair mask, used a sheet mask, and painted my finger and toe nails! Sheet masks are SO scary looking!

Sunrise - The past two days I have had to get up before 6am to attend some early morning meetings at work.. I haven't seen the sun rise in forever, it was beautiful, but I would have preferred to be still sleeping! I am 100% not a morning person. I need coffee in order for my brain to function before 9am.

What was the highlight of your week?

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