The Sister Tag | Video

My sister Michelle and I filmed The Sister Tag for my YouTube channel, MurdockTalks, last night so I thought I would share it with you! This was the second tag that I have done recently, and they are actually a lot of fun. If you haven't seen The Boyfriend Tag that I filmed with Collin you can watch it HERE, and for the record, I actually manually focused the camera this time! Filming and uploading videos is definitely going to be a learning process for me. The next thing that I want to learn is how to make the quality of my videos a lot better - I have the camera, and the capabilities to do it, I'm just not sure what I have to change because YouTube is such a new thing to me.

I am also trying to convince Michelle to take over my MurdockTalks Channel, rather than making her own personal one so there is more videos up for you guys to watch! If she ends up taking over I'm sure that you'll love her as much as I do! I love my blog, and I would rather put my energy into this little piece of cyberspace, instead of focusing on constantly filming and editing videos as it is a tonne of work. If you have any video requests or suggestions leave a comment & let us know!

I hope you enjoyed this video! You can find the questions in the description box, and if you do the tag with your sister link it below so we can watch! Also, feel free to give it a thumbs up & subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching! xo

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