Unexpected Guests!

I hope that you all had a lovely day with your mother’s yesterday! The weather was beautiful, so I spent most of the day outside with my family and some unexpected guests - we had a momma raccoon and her six babies hang out under our deck for the day! They were sooo cute - I texted Collin at least three times asking him if I could keep one! aha.

Fun Fact: Baby Raccoons are actually called kits!

All cuteness aside, they can be very destructive, and since we are currently trying to sell our house, we needed to evict them. We sprayed the garden hose into a plastic bucket, and the loud noise scarred the mother off. She left her babies for over four hours, but as dusk was settling in, she came back to collect them. We watched her one by one carry her babies in her mouth up and over the fence to their new home. It was pretty amazing to watch and I obviously had my camera out to document the whole thing, so I thought I would share some of the pictures with you!

I love how one of them had their little tail poking out from under the deck. I don't think that it could have gotten any cuter than that! 

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