Nail HQ | Base Coat & Nail Hardener

I had never heard of the brand Nail HQ until a box of goodies (from FarleyCo) arrived at my office last Friday, and since I am a total nail polish junkie, I was super excited to put these polishes to the test! 

Nail HQ is a line of nail care treatments that have recently been brought from England to Canada. The line focuses on using special ingredients and formulas to create stronger, and healthier nails. I received the Base Coat and Hardener.

The Nail HQ Base Coat is an anti stain rubberised bonding base coat that is formulated to help nail polish stick. It also creates a barrier that helps protect against discolouration of the nails from highly pigmented shades! I am a huge fan of rubberised base coats, and I think that Nail HQ's formula is comparable, and if not better than Orly's Bonder Rubberised base coat (You can read my review of that HERE). I used Seche Vite's Top Coat and Nail HQ's base coat and they kept my manicure chip free for 5 days last week! I highly recommend this base coat - you can pick it up for $7.99 from FarleyCo (HERE).

The Nail HQ Hardener is a nail treatment that is specifically formulated for thin and weak nails. The formula of rice protein, soy protein and hydrolyzed collagen helps nails become tougher and more bend resistant. It is also designed to help prevent brittleness, splitting, and help promote nail growth. You can use this polish on it's own, or under any other nail polish. Ironically enough, I have very thin and brittle nails, so I was super excited to see if this would work! I have only tried it out on it's own, as I have been loving the base coat, but I was a little disappointed in this product. When worn on it's own, I found that it chips and comes off in big chunks very quickly, and I could only get away with wearing it for one day at a time. I'm not a fan of having to applying nail polish everyday, but I will say that it made my nails very shiny and alot thicker before it started to chip, so maybe it is worth it if you have super brittle nails. I do wonder if it will work better under polish, but I'm a little sceptical as it chipped very easily. I am going to continue to experiment with this product, but if your interested you can pick it up online for $9.99 from FarleyCo (HERE).

Nail HQ seems to have some other awesome products in the line, and I am curious to see if they are as good as the base coat! All other products are also available from FarleyCo (HERE)! Have you ever used Nail HQ products before? Let me know!

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