L'Oréal Professional Vitamimo Color Gel Hair Mask

Hair masks are one of my favourite hair products to try out. I love being able to revitalise my hair with a simple treatment. When I chopped my hair off, my colourist told me that my hair was very dry, and that it wold benefit from a deep conditioning treatment. Being the broke student that I am, I declined the $25.00 treatment and purchased the L'Oréal Professional Vitamimo Color Gel Hair Mask, which was recommended to me by my colourist. She told me that it would put some moisture back into my hair, and also protect my blonde highlights! 

For the past two weeks, I have been including this in my Sunday night pampering session (this entails a hair mask, face mask, manicure and the occasional pedicure, but I can write about that another time!). On Sunday's I will wash my hair at night, and once I get out of the shower I run a generous amount of product through my hair, and clip it up. I then carry on with my nightly routine and rinse it out right before I go to bed - I usually leave the mask in for 2-3 hours at a time. 

This mask is a gel formula, that smells amazing! It is described as being a "one minute rinse out" - but my colourist advised me to leave it in for as long as possible, to maximize the benefits. If you read my hair horror story (HERE), you would know that my hair is normally a nightmare to brush through after a shower, but this mask is amazing at leaving my hair tangle free. The formula is super light and doesn't weigh hair down, and is also great on colour treated hair! 

I have really been loving this mask, and want to try out the other ones that are in the L'Oreal Professional Range. I picked this up at Shopper's Drug Mart for $25.99 - I would  rather spend my $25.00 on a whole pot of product, rather than a one time treatment - see my logic? aha. What is your favourite hair mask?

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