Big Beauty Haul | Sephora, Ulta, Target & More!

Recently, I have been doing quite a bit of shopping - both in Ohio and in Canada, so I thought I would film my very first haul video! The majority of the haul is beauty items, but I did pick up a few "clothing items" (quotations because I'm not sure if a bikini qualifies as clothing? aha)

You can find a list of all items (and links) that I mentioned in the description box on YouTube! Feel free to give it a like (if you liked it, obviously!) and subscribe while you are there. Also let me know down below in the comments if there is anything you would like a full review on - I'm always happy to receive requests!

Thanks for Watching (if you actually watched the video, aha)! xo.
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  1. I love it all! That Target dress is gorgeous. Also, that bikini is adorbs - I seriously dislike those swimsuit bottoms that don't cover your bottom... So silly.
    Funny that your skin has changed so drastically. And yeah, the packaging is beautiful. Major steal at duty free!
    Oh my gosh, isn't Ulta the best! I know, I really hope Ulta comes to Canada. I would love that. Nude lips are great for summer. I recently saw a Canadian haul that included these, but I'm not sure where it was from... I think it might have been Walmart.
    That box from Sephora is awesome! I think I may say it's a gift next time because I can always use boxes (especially cute ones). I'm the same - I like when things stay in their packaging. Moving it is just weird! I bought a replacement for the UD primer potion soon after trying it because it was AWESOME, but yeah, still on my first... Oh my gosh, that lipgloss package is to die for. They are all super wearable, I agree. I would LOVE to see a review of those. Haha the crickets! I'd also love to hear what you think of the Origins Plant... thing... Yeah, Nars is awesome.
    Ok - comment is done. I bet this is going to be really weird to read.

    1. ahahah best. comment. EVER.
      I know you can buy NYX at Target in Canada, but I have never seen the butter glosses there. I'll have to check out Walmart, although I don't think they carry NYX.
      The UD primer potion definately lasts FOREVER, but it's always good to have a backup.
      I am definately going to review both the Bite Beauty Set and Origins Plantscription Serum! Loving both so far! :) ahaha and I just HAD to put the crickets in there - I crack myself up, ahah.
      Okay, all done - my comment is probably just as wierd as yours.