The Boyfriend Tag | Video

I have wanted to film some tag videos on my YouTube channel, MurdockTalks, for quite some time now & Collin finally agreed to film the Boyfriend Tag with me a few weeks ago! I got around to editing it last night, so here it is!

I thought that this video would let you all a little more about me, and my boyfriend Collin. This was my first real sit down video, I normally film vlogs, so I totally forgot to manually focus my camera before we started, and we took it in one take, so it was too late to go back & fix it - sorry everyone! #NewYouTuberProblems! I also failed to introduce Collin at the beginning of the video, whoops, but he is my boyfriend (obvs..) and we have happily been together since March 7, 2012! I talk about him an awful lot, so if you are a regular reader I'm sure you know who he is by now!

Feel free to subscribe or like the video! My sister wants to film the Sister Tag with me so stay tuned for that! Thanks for watching! xo

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