Study Tips!

If your a university student like me, then you are probably stressed out to the max with final exams! I thought it would be fun, and a little different for me to share my top 5 study tips! 

1) Don't Procrastinate - I am the queen of procrastination. I would much rather write a blog post, or watch a YouTube video than study for an upcoming exam (I really should be studying right now, aha I should practise what I preach!). I use the app on my mac book called Self Control to prevent me from procrastinating. This app is available for free (HERE), and you are able to set a timer and block out certain websites, so you are not able to access those sites for the designated amount of time! The websites that are typically on my "black list" are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, BlogLovin, Pinterest, Netflix, and Tumblr!

2) Take Breaks - Procrastinating and breaks are two very different things. If you have been studying for hours on end, it is okay to sit back and take a break. Get your eyes out of the books and off a computer screen for an hour or so and do something else that is productive so you don't feel like you are wasting time. Clean your room, go for a run, meet a friend that you haven't seen in forever for some coffee - taking a break to treat yourself will make you feel refreshed, and ready to get back to studying.

3) Give Yourself Enough Time to Study - Cramming and All Nighters are the absolute worst. We have all been there, and we all end up kicking ourselves the night before the exam because we know we should have studied more instead of watching 50 YouTube videos, or having some drinks at a bar. Make a study schedule, and pace yourself so you are not left pulling an all nighter before an 8am exam. 

4) Sleep - Going along with giving yourself enough time to study, make sure you are getting a good 8 hour sleep during the exam period. Sleep consolidates memory, so staying up all night isn't going to help you as much as a 8 hour sleep will. 

5) Do What Is Best For You - Everyone learns material differently. I personally need to read and write everything out, and then talk out loud to myself, or teach it to someone! My boyfriend has heard me talk to him for hours about things that I have learned to help me remember things for an exam, bless his heart, he is so amazing! But do what works for you! If your friends want to meet up and study and a group setting, and you know that doesn't work for you - say no! In the end it is your grade, so make decisions on what suits your needs best!

I hope that you find these tips helpful, and I wish you all luck on your final exams! Summer is Coming!

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