My Week In Pictures {March 27 - April 3}

Over the past week I have been crazy busy - which explains my lack of blogging - and since I have been so busy, I haven't taken any pictures on my DSLR... but I thought that I would show you what I have been up to, according to my iPhone!

1. His & Her Subs - Collin and I went ran out to Mr.Sub to get some lunch the last week, and the man behind the counter was absolutely hilarious and super friendly! The store was dead, so he chatted with us while he made our sandwiches, and when we left the store I realised that he had labelled our subs "His" & "Hers" ahaha! I just thought that it was super cute.

2. Night Out - Last Thursday I took the night off, and went out to my favourite bar for the first time in forever! I took a quick selfie before I left my apartment - it's not often that I'm not wearing my glasses in a selfie!

3. LSAT Registration - On the weekend I registered for the LSAT exam that is going to happen on June 9th! I'm already stressing.......

4. Tired - This has basically been my look for the past 10 days. I have been working on papers like crazy, and they have been making me want to pull my hair out!

5. Breakfast for Champions - I wrote a killer essay super fast, so I decided to treat myself with some coffee (my favourite K-Cup is Café Caramel), pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon!

6. Tiki Beach - If summer had a smell, this would be it! It smells like vanilla and coconut, and it is so light and fresh - my roommates love when my door is open when I burn it because it makes our apartment smell so good!

7. 2048 - I have been addicted to this game and I finally beat it!

8. Legal Philosophy - I am so happy that this course is over. I love law, and I want to be a lawyer, but that textbook was one of the hardest books that I have ever read. I wanted to yell at the philosophers to dumb it down a little, because I could read forever and still not understand what they were trying to say!

9. Paper Writing - This last picture sums up my entire life for the past week. I have been sitting at my desk for hours pouring over textbooks and typing like a crazy lady. Here I made a frothy hot chocolate with lots of milk because I was starting to go insane, and needed a little treat. I am so happy that the semester is almost over!

Hopefully your past week has been a lot less stressful than mine! If you are in the midst of crazy paper writing and exams, I totally feel your pain, but take a deep breath & just do your best!

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