My Week In Pictures {April 3 - April 10}

So I'm back with another Week In Pictures according to my iPhone! I think I might start making this a weekly series? I tend to take quite a few pictures on my phone & then do nothing with them.. they just sit there and take up precious space, plus it's always fun to look back & reminisce on the good, bad and the ugly! 

1. Twerk Off - This is my roomie and I wall twerking for the first time ever, ahaha. We participated in a pub crawl called "The Bunny Hop" and one of the challenges on the back of our shirts was a twerk off! It was hilarious, and quite difficult for me - a 6 foot tall girl in a skirt!

2. The Bunny Hop - Collin tagged along for the night so of course we took a picture together!

3. Donuts - On the weekend, Collin and I went to his hometown and his mom bought me donuts because I love donuts, but never have the money to buy them! hehe :)

4. Baby Chick - While I was at Collin's house we went to this store out in the country that had week old chicks on display, and the super nice lady let me hold one! I am obsessed with chicks, and I was over the moon about the fact that I got to hold one!

5. Passport Canada - In May, my family is planning on taking a weekend trip to Ohio, and we want Collin to come with us, BUT his passport expires in a few weeks so we had to endure a 40minute wait at a passport office for him to renew it.. #Boring!

6. Curly Hair - Took a quick selfie because my attempt at beach waves with a curling rod was somewhat successful!

7. Pull Apart Pizza - This pizza was on sale this week at the grocery store, and it was super different because you pulled a little ball of dough off to dip in the sauce! It was pretty delicious, and the perfect study snack... Collin ate some too, because I'm not THAT fat, aha!

8. Mold - This was the most disturbing part of my week. Mold has been growing out from underneath my toilet in my bathroom, so maintenance came today to look at it for the second time, and this time he lifted the toilet off the ground... this is what he discovered! Barf! All that black stuff is fuzzy mold... I'm pretty sure some years have been taken off my life, because I have no idea how long it has been there! Luckily he cleaned it all up, and replaced a part, so I shouldn't have any more issues!

9. Blog Pictures - After the mold incident, I spent the rest of the day taking, editing, and planning blog posts for the next couple of weeks because I don't have another exam until next Thursday! 

What was the highlight of your week?

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