Two Years With The Best!

Yesterday, on March 7 - Collin & I celebrated our two year anniversary! The day was super chill, we just hung out at my apartment like we normally do, exchanged gifts & had a super nice (& delicious!) dinner date at The Keg! 

Collin surprised me with some beautiful flowers - (pink & yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations) - so I thought that I would share what else he got me, & what I gave him! He also bought me one of Kate Spade's beautiful iPhone cases (HERE) that I had been eyeing for a while. I love it & the new design, as it offers a lot more protection for my phone than the old model did! 

For Collin, I gave him an Anker Mini Portable Charger (HERE) so he can charge his iPhone anywhere because his phone ALWAYS dies (he plays too many games on it, aha!) & it's frustrating when we are trying to meet up & he goes MIA. I also gave him a tonne of mini Reese's Pieces in a cute glass container that I picked up at the dollar store, & I baked 24 Peanut Butter cookies (for 24 months of being together, hehe)! If you can't tell, peanut butter and chocolate is his favourite!

I also thought that I would share our first picture together! It was taken on March 17, 2012 (St. Patrick's Day) & it was just after we officially started dating. I absolutely love this picture because we are both so happy.. but the happiness may or may not have something to do with the amount of alcohol that we both had that morning, aha!

Thanks for Reading! xo


  1. adorable picture, those gifts were perfect.
    xx, Michelle