How I Deep Clean My Make-Up Brushes

Deep cleaning my make-up brushes is one of those tasks that I hate doing, yet it is very necessary, as make-up brushes pick up and hold the bacteria from your face. This past weekend I decided that it was time to stop procrastinating and just do it as I had minimal brushes left, so I thought I would share my method! 

There are a tonne of brush cleaning products out there, but I can't be bothered to spend money on a product like that when Johnson's Baby Wash works perfectly for me, as it is nice and gentle. In order to clean all my brushes I gather them all up and put them on the side of my sink, I then lay out a towel on my counter so I can lay the brushes out after they have been washed. I then dampen the brush with lukewarm water, put a little bit of Johnson's Baby Wash in the palm of my hand and swirl my brush around. I sometimes have to add a little bit of water if it is a dense brush, but I just keep swirling until all the product is all out. I then rinse my brush and squeeze out the soap and product until the water runs clear. I then place the brush on a towel and use a Lysol Disinfectant wipe to clean the handle, and I let them dry overnight!

It is quite simple to do, but it can take forever if your brush collection is as big as mine (It took me 40 minutes of constant swirling this past weekend!). I need to start getting in the habit of deep cleaning them on a more regular basis!

In case you were interested, my brush collection is composed of Sigma's Essential Mr.Bunny Collection (HERE), some Real Techniques Brushes (HERE), some Quo Brushes (HERE), and some random ones from Mac, Urban Decay and Bourjois! 

Happy Cleaning!

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