Life Update #4

Happy New Year! It seems as though the first week of 2014 has come and gone, and I have not had the chance to sit down write a blog post! I have a half finished "2013 Year in Review" post sitting in my drafts, and I am planning to put that up as soon as possible, but it is taking me much longer to write than I originally expected. 

Monday marked the beginning of my winter term, and I am officially half done my third year! I only have 3 terms left and I can't even believe it, time really does fly! 

Anyways, Ontario is under a deep freeze right now, and the temperature is currently hovering around -25°C with the wind chill sitting at -34°C.... it is FREEZING out there. I walked to campus to go to class earlier today, and the skin on my legs was burning because it was so cold.. Collin also got mild frostbite on his face! I love winter, but going outside today was totally not a fun time. I am going to avoid going out at all costs until it warms up a little! My outfit of the day was totally eskimo inspired.. so for now enjoy this frigid selfie and I promise regularly blogging will resume shortly!

Thanks for Reading! Stay Warm! xo

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