Winter Semi-Formal

I haven't said the words "Winter Semi-Formal" since I was in high school. Since being in university, I never really have the chance to get all dressed up and go anywhere, so when my roommates asked if I wanted to go to their uni's semi-formal with them a few weeks ago, I quickly agreed! 

Side Note: My roomies all go to a different university than I do. There are two universities in the same town, within 5 minutes of each other, so I go to one, and they all go to the other! I can thank our lovely landlord for screwing up our leases, which made me and my bestfriend for 8 years (who goes to the other universty) end up with them instead of my other friends, but it must of been fate, because we all get along so well!

The formal was held at a hotel, and there were hor oeuvres, drinks, a professional photographer, and a dance! It was super fun to get all dressed up and pull out my super sparkly heels! Since I'm already 6 feet tall without them, I need a real good excuse to wear them, aha. I wore a one shoulder black dress that I've had for a few years, it has some ruffley-flower thing going on on the one side - I cannot remember for the life of me where I got it, but it was like $15.00 and fits me perfectly!

Here are my 4 lovely roommates, they don't exactly know about my blog, so I didn't want to post their pretty faces online without them knowing, so just please excuse the smiley faces! They all looked so gorgeous! 

Here are some of the pictures that the professional photographer took when we got there. My super frizzy hair is due to the fact that we had to take a city bus to the venue (#BrokeStudentProblems), and it was snowing, freezing cold, and super windy. It was not a fun time trudging through snow in high heels and bare legs.. 

I had a super fun night with my boyfriend and roomies, and I loved being able to get all dressed up and be extra classy for a night!

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