Nubar Matte Finish Top Coat

Yesterday, I picked up Nubar's Matte Finish Top Coat from Winner's for $5.99! I have been searching for a matte top coat for ages, and I'm so glad I finally found one! This particular one retails for $13.00 online, but there are cheaper options out there (Ex: Rimmel)! 

I don't have any experience with matte top coats, as this was my first time using one! Here I am wearing two coats of "Honk If You Love OPI" - a very deep purple, followed by one coat of the matte polish. I think that this shade looks great matte - It gives my nails an entirely different look!

I originally painted my nails with OPI's Big Apple Red, but I didn't like how it looked once it turned completely matte - I took pictures anyways so you could see! I feel like darker colours look little bit better.

Do you like matte nails?

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