Nail Of The Day: Champagne

Today I am wearing Nailtini's Nail Lacquer in Shade 124 - Champagne. I received this gorgeous Rose Gold Nailtini Nail Polish in my Ipsy bag last week (If you want to see what else I got, click HERE), and I thought that I would share my thoughts on it!

This was my very first time using a Nailtini Nail Polish, and I am satisfied with the results! I often find that metallic nail polishes are very thick and streaky when applied. But I am happy to report that this polish was very smooth to apply, and did not leave any streaks! It took two coats to achieve opacity, and I was left with stunning Rose Gold nails!

Unfortunately, I am not too impressed with the lasting power of this nail polish. As always, I used a base coat and Seche Vite's Top Coat, but after 24 hours of wear (I painted my nails last night, and took these pictures this morning), the polish has worn off the top edge of my nail. You can see this more clearly below, in the picture that I took with my flash on.

Since this was my first Nailtini product, I thought I would say that I find the concept behind thier nailpolish line to be very interesting! Nailtini markets thier polishes to be like a cocktail for your nails. They say that you are able to mix and layer colours, in order to create one of a kind and unique manicures.

Would I purchase another Nailtini Nailpolish? Probably not, as they retail for $13.00, and as far as I know, are only available online - But, I would be happy to receive another one in an upcoming Ipsy bag!

Have you ever tried a Nailtini Nailpolish? What are your thoughts?

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