Bauble Bar Order!

After hearing Ingrid Nilsen, also known as MissGlamorazzi on YouTube, talk numerous time about releasing a jewellery collection through the company BaubleBar, I decided to check it out. Back at the beginning of October she was a "Guest Bartender" and she put together a collection of fashion jewellery.

While browsing the site, I found a few things that I liked. I am not the largest fan of online shopping - I LOVE looking online, but I can't justify paying the crazy shipping prices. Anyways, I came across a bracelet and I could not get it out of my head... I just HAD TO have it. It was not negotiable. Lucky for me, my boyfriend offered to order it for me, just because he felt like it! #BestBoyfriendEver (... and Yes, I just hashtagged in this blog post.. I'm a twitter addict.. What else can I say?).

My first BaubleBar Order experience was not the best one, but I thought that I would do a little show and tell!

The bracelet that I could not get out of my head was the Silver Disco Wrap Bracelet from MissGlamorazzi's Collection. I just thought it was so pretty, and that it would look awesome next to my Michael Kors watch. When I first put this bracelet on, it broke... The knots that held the last beads on came undone.. I was beyond disappointed.. It was totally fixable and I retied the knots, but after Collin spent $30.00 on a bracelet, I expected a little better quality. Since I retied the ends, it hasn't caused me any more problems, and I absolutely love it! You can check it out on BaubleBar's website HERE.

The second piece that I picked out was the Mini Gem Bloom Pendant Necklace in Silver. It was on sale for $10.00 and I figured that if I didn't like it, I could give it to someone as a Christmas gift, hehe! I ended up loving the bling, and I think it looks super cute. You can check this piece out HERE.

Lastly, I received a Gift With Purchase - A pair of gold and purple dangly earrings! I wasn't expecting a gift with purchase, but I was quite disappointed to find out that a gem was missing from the centre of one of the earrings. The gem ended up being in the bag, but I found it frustrating to receive two broken pieces of jewellery...

Have you ever ordered from BaubleBar before? Let me know if you've had a similar experience, or if it was just my horrible luck.

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