Bath & Body Works Haul

I have a serious addiction to Bath and Body Works products! A few weeks ago it was Buy 3, Get 3 Free... and I just couldn't resist. Since 6 products all for myself is a little outrageous, and totally not necessary, my boyfriend said he would split it with me (I am slowly converting him to a B&BW lover, aha!). It was like a him & her shopping spree, aha, so we each picked out three products!

My all time favourite scent is Cashmere Glow, I have been using the shower gel and lotion on a daily basis for the past year, and I just can't get enough, it smells soooo good. I decided to stock up on both the shower gel and lotion, because I know I'll use it. I also decided to try out the Creamy Body Wash Formula, in the scent Pink Chiffon.

Bath and Body Works describes Cashmere Glow as "the ultimate cuddly blend of shimmering vanilla, and golden peach, wrapped in the softest cashmere musk" - I think that it's the perfect subtle scent for everyday wear, and I always get people complimenting me, and saying that I smell good, hehe!

They also describe Pink Chiffon as "Everything is prettier in Pink Chiffon! This light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals & vanilla chiffon icing expresses the flirty femininity of feeling pretty in pink."

As you can probably tell, I really like warm vanilla scents (But I hate "Warm Vanilla Sugar", aha!)

Also, Bath and Body Works redeisgned the packing for thier Signature Collection! The amount of product is the same, but the packaging is a little more square, and a little bulkier.. the new bottles no longer fit on the tiny ledges in my shower... I am not a fan!

I always give Collin heck for not using a loofa, so I made him get one of those, and then he picked out three of the 2 in 1 Hair + Body Washes. Bath and Body Works describes them as:

Twilight Woods: "Explore the landscape of rugged woods with a bold blend of crisp cedar, white pepper and musk."

Ocean: "Dive into crystal clear blue waters with an invigorating blend of fresh cypress, vetiver and cool ocean air."

Paris: "Discover adventure in the captivating City of Light with a refined blend of cedarwood, orange zest and a hint of musk."

I think my favourite is either Twilight Woods or Paris! Collin seems to like them, and he is smelling extra good these days, so we are both happy campers!

Side Note: I gave "Paris" to my dad as part of his Christmas gift last year, and he also really liked it. They are great gift ideas, and they also make after shave lotion and cologne in these scents!

I can almost guarantee that there will be a B&BW Christmas Candle Haul up on my blog in the near future, 3 Wick Candles are on sale for 3 for $30.50 so I am heading to the mall later today to stock up! 

What is your favourite Bath and Body Works Product?

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