Bourjois Bronzing Powder

My go to, favourite bronzer is NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna. However, it has the hefty price tag of $42.00 attached to it. I recently ran out, and decided that I could not fork out $50 for a bronzer (I am a poor and starving university student after all!), so I thought that I would try to find a cheaper alternative at the drugstore. A few weeks ago, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and came back with Bourjois Delice de Poudre, Bronzing Powder. So here I am with a review!

I'm seriously late on the bandwagon with this one, as it has been a cult beauty product for ages, but I was hooked on my NARS Bronzer! Anyways, the girl in the cosmetics department highly recommended this and I have also heard many other beauty gurus rave about it, so I thought I would give it a shot! 

The packaging of this product is great! Although it's cardboard packaging, it's nice and sturdy, and I think that I would have a hard time smashing it up in my make-up bag! Also, can we just talk about the smell? Not only does it look like chocolate, it smells like chocolate.. so amazing! The scent is only noticeable in the pan, so you don't have to worry about smelling like chocolate all day.

Compared to my beloved NARS Bronzer, I do find this bronzer to be a little bit on the orangier side of things, but once I blend it in, and apply blush, it looks really nice and natural. The shade I bought was "Peaux Claires, 51" which is the lightest one (I believe it only comes in two shades?), but it's perfect for my fair skin. I think if I went with the darker one, I would be looking a little ompaloompa-ish! 

It's not totally matte, it has a slight gold shimmer thorough out it, so it's not the best for contouring, but it's great for giving your skin a natural and healthy looking glow!

With the price tag of $24.00, it didn't break the bank. But I can't see it being my new all time favourite! 

... I just had to show you my beloved NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguana. I seriously can't say enough good things about it, but it was definitely time for a new one.. As you can see it's been beat up and well loved, but don't worry NARS, I don't think that Bourjois has replaced you just yet!

What is your favourite drugstore bronzer?

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