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If you don't alreeady know, I am obsessed with Instagram. A while back I saw a blog post from Zoella (check out her very lovely blog HERE) were she had ordered some prints off her Instagram from a site called Printstagram. I decided to check it out and I instantly wanted to order some of my own. I decided to wait until I was back at school so I could take a whole bunch of pictures and post them over the summer. This past Thursday I decided that I couldn't wait any longer and I placed the order... lo and behold, the FedEx lady was at my door this morning! 

I ordered 2 orders (24 prints each) of the 4 inch squares, for a total of 48 prints. It was a standard $12 fee for International shipping, but I am so beyond impressed that it only took them 4 days to arrive! The quality is amazing (they are so much better then I expected), and they are printed on a thick card stock. I can't wait to figure out how I am going to display them. I think they would look amazing on a cork board. 

I am so happy with my order, and I couldn't wait to write this post (I was so excited when the package arrived this morning that I had to contain my excitement and slowly open the package so that I could photograph it for you all!). 

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  1. My favorite part about this is that they put the white border around them which kinda, sort makes them look like those old school Polaroid pictures :)

    Fred | PopuSocial Instagram Likes