Stella & Storm!

Welcome to The Murdock Family Stella and Storm! Stella and Storm are sisters, and are Russian Dwarf hamsters. My family does not really have a lifestyle that allows for pets, but a few years ago my sisters convinced my mom that we could handle hamsters. Since then we've had at least 8 hamsters. After our first one, Murphy, we learned that as long as the hamsters were from the same litter, and same gender (obviously.. because no one wants mating or pregnant hamsters!) that you could house them together.

Last week my little baby, Honey, passed away. We've had her and her sister, Spice (Which I've nicknamed Fatty) for just under a year and a half. Since one hamster is just not enough, we went out to PetSmart and picked up these two new babies! They are approximately 10 weeks old, super cute, and crazy active - I'm surprised that I managed to get a picture of each of them that wasn't blurry!

I can't take any credit for taking care of them, all of that goes to my sister, but I know that they really are super easy to take care of. 

So now we are the owners of Stella, Storm & Fatty Spice. Spice is now in her own cage and is acting like a big little diva, while Stella and Storm share a larger cage. They all seem to get an awful lot of attention. It's crazy how easy it is to fall in love with these little balls of fluff.


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