BuhBye Roots!

This past weekend I finally took the time to get my hair done. It was long overdue, but hey.. I'm a poor student, and my salon costs me an arm and a leg to get my hair done. I'm lucky if I can afford to go more than 3 times a year... Anyways, I'm a natural blonde, but ever since I turned 16 my hair has turned a darker, dirtier blonde. I'm not exactly a fan, so I have been highlighting it ever since. 

While I was there I just got my usual highlights and a trim to keep it healthy looking. I also got a treatment to put some moisture back in my hair because my colourist thought my hair was a little too dry.

Pictures don't really do the colour justice, but I thought I would share a "During", and "After" picture! 

I did this in reverse order, but here is my quite scary looking "during" picture.. Please ignore my iPhone's crappy photo quality. Tin foil is gonna be the hair trend for winter, don't you love it?!

This trip to the salon did not change my look at all. It just made my hair a whole lot blonder, and healthier looking. Like most girls, I'm trying to grow my hair out, but sometimes I feel like I just wanna chop it all off... 

What do you think?

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