Taylor Swift Red Tour

As I've said before in a blog post, I am a massive Taylor Swift fan! This past Saturday (June 15, 2013) I went to her Red Tour concert at the Roger's Centre in Toronto! I have previously seen Taylor at the Air Canada Centre for both her Fearless and Speak Now World Tours, so I was nervous because the Roger's Centre is alot bigger then the ACC, and I wanted to be as close as possible. I was also anxious about getting my camera into the concert, because my tickets said "No Professional Cameras." But besides that, I was so excited and counted down from 213 days! 

So for the event I obviously dressed up in a red dress (seen in previous blog post HERE), curled my hair, painted my nails sparkly red and wore my cowboy boots! I also went shopping to find my boyfriend, Collin, a red plaid shirt, hehe! 

I think we're pretty cute if I do say so myself, hehe! 

Anyways, we took the train into Toronto and met up with my other friends who were sitting with us! Outside of the Roger's Centre was crazy and full of excitement! There was Taylor Swift music blaring, girls dancing, balloons, guitars, posters, ect! Once my friends arrived, Collin and I got in line for our gate. I had "hidden" my camera under a whole bunch of crap in my purse, and put my 300mm zoom lense in the side pocket buried under 25 tampons, aha! Security asked me what I had in my purse, saw my camera and told me that it couldn't come in and that I had to go get it tagged at guest services.. I then walked out of the line and started walking toward guest services.. but Collin told me to go to a different gate! I tried and security let me in with my camera, but told me that "I was not allowed to take pictures"... pfttt.. I took 708 pictures, zoom lense and all. I was super happy! 

Our seats were in section 126, row 28. I was super happy with them because I had a good view of the main stage, and the B stage was so close! The concert started a 6:30pm and Joel Crouse, Austin Mahone, and Ed Sheeran opened for Taylor. I had never heard of Joel or Austin, but they did not impress me. I also am not really a Ed Sheeran fan, but he does have the voice of an angel and was quite entertaining! And then it was time for TAYLOR SWIFT ! I won't go on forever, because I can't even find the words to describe how amazing she is. But as I expected, the show was outstanding and I was signing, dancing and taking pictures the entire time! Taylor never fails to impress me, and I thought I would share just a few of my 708 pictures that I took of her, so enjoy!

The night was perfect! The only thing I can complain about is that I got massive blisters from walking in my cowboy boots, but oh well!

If you ever have the chance, I would highly recommend that you go to one of her shows, even if you're not one of her biggest fans. I will guarantee that if you can get your hands on some tickets you will not be disappointed. Taylor is quite the performer and will totally make you fall in love with her! 

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