Punta Cana: Day 5!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Buenos Dias! Good Morning! This morning my family and I slept in, and went to breakfast just after 10am. It was quiet, because the other 43 people who we were travelling with all went on a snorkeling excursion, and my family decided that we didn't want to go. Actually, I was probably the one who swayed my family's decision. I am terrified of the ocean. I am one hundred percent thalassaphobic, and I freak out at the thought of being knee deep in sea water. Don't ask me what it is about the ocean that makes me hate it so much, because I seriously don't know, aha. I'm fine if I'm on a boat, or something like that, but I can guarantee you that you will never ever see me swimming in the ocean (Like Never Ever Ever). So my parents thought it was a total waste of money for just to have me sit on the boat all day. 

After breakfast we decided to head to the square to check out the market that was on the resort property. We took a trolly there because it would have been a long walk, and it was super hot outside today! The square was quite cute, but the people at the booths in the market were very aggressive. It was like crazy town. We found two paintings, a couple bracelets, and I picked up a super cute, hand made giraffe mug! After we had a look at all the booths, we exited stage right, and started to walk around the outside of the square, and went into the shops. The only difference between the shops and the booths, was that you couldn't barter in the shops. We picked up some t-shirts and some more souvenirs, and we were out of there!

The Market

After being out in the sun for over an hour, with a minimal breeze, we were all sweating! We took the trolly back to the resort, jumped in the pool and then headed to the air conditioned buffet for lunch!

"The Murdock 5"

By early afternoon the rest of the group from the snorkeling excursion had returned! We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out by the pool, and all the boys decided that a belly flop contest would be a good idea! I sat on the sidelines, took pictures and drank pina coladas. It was hilarious, but some of those belly flops really made me cringe! Ouch!

After hanging out at the pool for a couple of hours I retreated back to my room to shower and get ready for dinner! For some reason I was ready super early compared to the rest of my family, so I sat in the lobby and talked to my boyfriend for a bit. We ate dinner at the traditional buffet, and I almost didn't eat... When I walked up to the buffet there was a full roasted pig! I literally walked right back to the table and sat down... It made me so sad because I love love love piggies! Oink! I would never become a vegetarian, but seeing a pig on a platter made me sad. 

Anyways, after dinner I hung out in the lobby for a couple of hours. I had life chats with my cousin and facetimed my boyfriend again. So now I am off to sleep. Tomorrow is my last full day in paradise, so it is guaranteed to be action packed!

Buenos Noches! Good Night!

P.S – I vlogged the whole time I was away, so check out my YouTube Channel Murdock Talks, HERE, if you are interested in watching my vlogs! 

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