Punta Cana: Day 4!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I woke up this morning to my dad pounding on the hotel door. It was 10:15am, and I had 15 minutes to get to the buffet before it closed. My voice was shot, and I was SO tired from all the partying last night. Luckily, I wasn't hungover, aha! My siblings and I rushed to get to breakfast and we made it just in time! I ate my usual omelet & waffles, and then we then headed to the beach to chill out because we all were so tired. We were at the beach all morning and holy, was it ever crazy hot today, so we decided to eat lunch at the main buffet because it's air conditioned. 

After lunch we moved from the beach to the pool, to just chill out some more! I layed in the sun with my giant floppy hat on, and I planned to read my book, "Shadow Woman" by Linda Howard, for most of the afternoon. The tanning didn't last for long though because it was just too hot outside, it was 28 degrees (Celsius) and felt like 39... It's ridiculously hot here! So I ended up swimming in the pool (which is more like a giant bathtub because it's super warm!) and playing football with my brother.. If you know me in real life, you would know that football is totally not my thing, aha but it was fun to just hang out and do absolutely nothing! I love being on vacation!

I then ditched the pool and headed back to my room to get ready for dinner, we had a reservation at an Italian Restaurant, Bella Italian. The food was really good, but they served way too much! There was a nice buffet for appetizers, and then we had to choose a soup or pasta for our "second" appetizer, and then for our main course we could create our own pizza! I was so full after the pasta that I could barely eat a quarter of my pizza, so I skipped dessert, but it looked super delicious! I then spent the rest of the night skyping my boyfriend in the lobby (I miss him like crazy!) and now I am off to sleep!

Buenos Noches, Goodnight!

P.S – I vlogged the whole time I was away, so check out my YouTube Channel Murdock Talks, HERE, if you are interested in watching my vlogs!


  1. Beautiful photos (:


  2. your photos are amazing! oh my goodness! I have followed you. :) xo