Punta Cana: Day 3!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My cousin got married today! We woke up this morning to super crappy weather, it was raining... and it wasn't just spitting, it was absolutely pouring! A super cool thing is the resort that we're staying at puts an umbrella in the closet in every room, which is super helpful, especially on days like today!  So we headed off to breakfast in the rain, and then I did my usual walk to the lobby to use the wifi and send a good morning text message to my boyfriend!

The Down Spout!
We really just hung out all morning, and then thankfully the rain let up! I went for a walk with my mom, dad and grandpa, to see where the wedding on the beach was going to be held, so we knew how long it was going to take to get there. Good thing we checked before hand, because we got lost multiple times (the resort property is HUGE), and when we asked for directions, everyone sent us in the direction that we just came from.. (the language barrier didn't help either). But we found the place, and determined that it would only take us about 10 minutes to walk there! 

My family then went to the main dining room for lunch, and staked out a spot by the pool. After lunch I spent about 40 minutes by the pool reading my book, and then I headed back to my room to get ready for the ceremony! I decided to put my hair up, because the humidity from the rain was out of this world, and any hairstyle that I did would last about 0.5 seconds. As I was doing my hair, the lady that was taking care/cleaning our rooms gave my sister and I some hibiscus flowers to put in our hair! 

We then proceeded to rush to the ceremony, and pick out chairs on the beach. The bride (my cousin) was a little late, due to the photographer taking his sweet ass time, and left the groom standing at the front for 20 minutes! The ceremony was very short, and was in spanish, but it was beautiful. You couldn't ask for a prettier background! The photographer then took some group shots, and we were free to go. 

We had about 3 hours to kill between the ceremony and the reception, so we headed back to our rooms to enjoy the air conditioning, because man oh man.. did the rain every leave the air hot, heavy and sticky. On our walk back to our rooms, we found a kitten! It was SO cute, so we scooped it up to hold it, but that didn't last long, because it's momma was looking for it. 

While we were all just hanging out, my legs became incredibly itchy.. I looked down and I was covered in sad flea bites! (Just My Luck, UGH!) I had 18 bites on one leg, and 13 on my other... why must bugs love me? EW. AfterBite did the trick, but they left large red bumps all over my legs... cute. My sister Michelle, and I then headed over to the building where my cousin & her fiance husband was staying to decorate the newlyweds room door with a big white bow and a sign that said "Just Married." 

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the reception. It was in a beautiful, open aired restaurant! The food that was served was mediocre (ceasar salad to start, followed by chicken, and veggies, with a piece of cheesecake for dessert), the wedding cake, however, was super delicious! The dinner was followed by a traditional dance, and plenty of drinks (shots of Sambuka anyone?)! By 11pm we had to be out of the restaurant, so we moved to the lobby bar to continue the party. At midnight, all the "young people" (under 25) went to the "Disco" - it was the Spanish club that was on the resort property. It was an interesting experience to say the least.. all of the music was in spanish, and the dancing was... scandalous. I stayed for about 45 minutes and then took the trolly system back to my room. By 1:30am I was fast asleep (I'm writing this post on May 16 - I was way to tired last night to write a blog post, hehe!). 

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