Punta Cana: Day 2!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Buenos Dias, Good Morning! Today was our second full day in Punta Cana, and I can’t get over how beautiful it is here! I am so lucky to be able to spend a week at this fabulous resort with my family. This morning I awoke to my brother and sister “whispering” to each other. We went to breakfast, there’s an outdoor buffet 30 seconds away from our room, and they have any breakfast food that you could possibly imagine, SO GOOD! While we were eating, a photographer was walking around with a monkey, and was taking pictures! I literally ran to the monkey, aha, it was so cute! (The pictures were on sale for $10 in the lobby - I bought mine). 

We then headed to the beach to stake out some chairs in the shade for the day (we learned yesterday that all the chairs in the shade are gone by the early afternoon).

 After finding chairs we made the mutual decision that we wanted to take the “20 minute” walk down the beach to the market to look for some souvenirs! The walk wasn’t 20 minutes.. it was more like 35 minutes, and it was lonnnnng and “muy caliente,” VERY HOT. I was dying, aha. When we got to the market we walked past all the shops, so on our way back we could stop in the ones that interested us.. that plan didn’t work out very well, and the locals jumped on us and asked us to “be respectful” and check out their shops… we ended up looking in every single shop.. After about the fifth one, we had seen just about everything. I did pick up a super pretty, hand made, beaded belt, and a leather wrap bracelet! I also got “gifted” a wooden totem pole necklace and another beaded bracelet (the locals give them away to make us feel the need to purchase something in their shop). I kinda like shopping in the markets on Caribbean islands, because it is a totally different experience, and bartering is fun! We then bought some water ($25.00 for 5 bottles..), because we were all parched, and headed back to the resort! All in all we were gone just under two hours, but man, that “20 minute/quick walk to the market" is false advertising!

We ate lunch at the beach buffet, and spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. My cousin created a game with cups, where you had to fill a plastic cup with water, throw it and the person had to catch it in another cup. It was pretty difficult to start, but once you got the hang of it, it was great entertainment, and everyone joined in! I am also hooked on pina coladas, so I had a few of those, but some storm clouds rolled in, and the temperature drastically dropped, so I headed back to the room to get ready for dinner!

I got all ready, and then did a mini photo shoot with my brother and sister. Dinner was delicious, and then I retreated to the lobby to access the free wifi and skype my boyfriend! We then went to a horrrrrrrrible show, it’s really not even worth mentioning, and now I am off to sleep!

Buenos Noches, Good Night!

P.S – I vlogged the whole time I was away, so check out my YouTube Channel Murdock Talks, HERE, if you are interested in watching my vlogs!

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