First Impression: Michael Todd Organics Skincare Line

After being at University for 8 months my skincare "routine" was really lacking a routine. I would occasionally use a cleanser, but for the most part I would be lazy and just use a Norwex makeup removing face cloth (if you haven't heard of these, they are magical, and I will definitely have to write a review on them!) followed by a prescription toner that my doctor recommended for me, to prevent me from breaking out. I have pretty oily skin, and I used to break out fairly often (but I'm telling you.. these face cloths work wonders for your skin). I used to swear by Pro Activ, but over the past two years, it started to dry my skin out and it just wasn't working for me. This is when my skincare routine stopped being a routine.

At the beginning of April, right before final exams I had been reading amazing reviews online for the "Michael Todd True Organics" skincare line. I had never heard of it, but I thought I would try it out. To make it even better, this regularly priced 5 piece set that is regularly $131.00 was on sale for $70.00 with 20% for an entire year if you signed up on their website! (NOTE: Shipping was also a flat rate of $6.00! I thought that this was amazing, considering that shipping to Canada can often cost more then the actual products themselves *cough* Victoria's Secret *cough*) I decided I was going to give this a whirl, so I ordered the Acne/Oily Skincare Regimen for the grand total of $62.00! I was very pleased.

For the past three weeks I anxiously awaited for this to arrive (meanwhile, I was breaking out like crazy, due to the stress of writing final exams). But lo and behold, a beautiful purple box arrived at my office early Monday morning! I was SO excited to go home, and finally give my skin the care that it deserves.

The acne/oily skincare regime includes 5 products, a Charcoal Detox, Organic Lemon Toner, Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask, Antiox Serum and a Jojoba Charcoal Scrub. Over the past three nights I have tried out these 5 products, and so far I am really liking them!

The Charcoal Detox is a "deep-pore cleanser that penetrates pores to draw out impurities" - when I first pumped it out onto my hand I was shocked that it was dark grey, almost black in colour! I should have expected it though, because it is a "charcoal" cleanser.. I'm not too fond of the smell, I have no idea how to describe it to you, it definitely smells organic, but if the product works well, i will just have to get used to it. It's a gentle cleanser, it kind of lathers up a little, and it was definitely successful in removing my makeup!

The Jojoba Charcoal Scrub is a "gentle exfoliating facial scrub" and it makes your skin feel super fresh and clean! It's also grey-ish in colour, and again, I'm not too fond of the smell, but I will get used to it. I love the feel of the beads and I think this might be one of my favourite products out of the line so far!

The Organic Lemon Toner is just like a regular toner, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed - it didn't appear to be anything special to me. It smells super strongly of lemons - almost like lemon scented cleaning products, yet you can tell it's organic (I'm really bad at describing scents)... It kinda smells like a spa?

I used the Kaolin Clay Mask for the first time last night and it was really nice! It wasn't like any other clay masked I have used before (but then again, I've only used a few), and it felt very luxurious on my skin. It was a sandy beige colour and I actually liked the smell of this product!

Lastly, the Antiox Serum is also one of my favourites. It's a light serum that smells gross (if you ask me), but it feels amazing! A little goes a lonnnng way, and it definitely has brought some life back into my skin!

The packaging is nice and practical, I like how both the cleanser and serum is in a bottle with a pump, and the bottles are a nice size! The website says that it is a 3-4 month supply.

This is just my first impression of each product, but I will be sure to thoroughly review these products in a month or so! If you are interested in trying out this line, the $70.00 offer is going until May 15, you can check it out HERE! Or if your interested in looking at what other products Michael Todd has to offer, you can have a look on their website!


  1. Hi!!! I would like to know if you were charged with Duties tax? I would like to order some products but I am a little concern about those extra charges. It happened sometimes, but I think it is more when I order stuff like clothes from the US. (I live in Quebec)

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!

    1. Hi Cathe! Sorry I took so long to reply to this - but I was not charged any additional charges for duty!
      Hope that helps! xo, Ashleigh.

  2. Great post!! I found the charcoal cleanser dried my skin out a bit but totally agree that it was effective at taking of makeup! I prefer the honey and oats cleanser, you should check that out too! We did a Michael Todd first Impressions post, please check it out if you get the chance xoxo :)